Morgellons Cure

Iodine and Mint are The Keys.
The Crawling Sensation, Bites, And Pinpricks Of Morgellons Were All Gone After I Swam In The Sea Twice On A Two Different Days.
So it’s true as it’s mentioned on “Skizit Gesture” that worms of Morgellons react to Iodine and come out of the skin.
You can take J.Crow’s Lugol’s solution of Iodine 2%
15 of milligrams a day. You can start with 3 drops a day and work it up to 20 drops (which is 15 mg)
J.Crow’s Lugol’s solution of Iodine 2% contains Potassium Iodide and the Actin Fibers depolymerize with Potassium Iodide.
You can use Iodine topically as well.

Mint is as Important as Iodine.
Peppermint Oil, or other Mint Oils.
Peppermint oil is one of the most versatile essential oils out there. It can be used topically and internally.

An insect laid eggs in a lady’s neck which resulted in a rash and a fever.
Morgellons often starts with insect bites to the back of the neck.
There may be an immune reaction which shows that genetic changes are taking place. Don’t ignore this. Extreme reactions can be lethal.
If this happens to you, rub it with ice to stop the fever and keep it cold as you can. There may be quite a few eggs in the skin at the same injection site.
The virulence of engineered Morgellons animals makes the cytokine reaction very serious. The ice will lessen the reaction.

Values above or below are vulnerable to health problems and may be the key to activating Morgellons.
The perfect pH buffer is CREME OF TARTAR. A teaspoon once a day should help keep your pH balanced. It may be one of the most important factors in keeping Morgellon’s materials inactive.
Morgellons’ victims need to clean out the colon with an HERBAL CLEANSE and then an ENEMA. I know this isn’t easy but you need to get Morgellons materials out of your intestines. Most importantly, do not use laxatives as they will flush beneficial vitamins and minerals out. Take a full dose of vitamins and minerals to supplement your poor diets.
And drink a lot of Water.
For the yeast/fungus in your throat, lungs and sinus cavity, Herbal Tincture “Fungus Fighter” can help with that.

You can find J.Crow’s Lugol’s solution of Iodine 2% and Fungus Fighter on Amazon. The Cream of Tartar at Walmart, and the Herbal Cleanse at both Walgreens and Target.

Make a Morgellons Scrubber.

How you can knock out biofilm from your body.

For more important information about:

Iodine and when it can be harmful.

Cream of tartar and when it can be harmful.


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