Nanotechnology and Morgellons

What do you think of nanotechnology and Morgellons
Nanotechnology includes biology.
All biology happens at the nanoscale.
Would you like an impossible-to-get-rid-of infestation of mites?
Or pustules from unknown parasites?
Is Morgellons Entomological Terrorism?
If you have Morgellons, you have real microscopic parasitic animals depositing eggs and possibly synthetic precursors that will grow pathogens, bacteria/viruses and polymers.
Would you prefer another worm delivery vehicle, layered dotted fabric?
Would you like a permanent sore where animals, plants, hexagons and unknown man-made objects emerge?
Would you like parasitic insects to lay eggs in your skin?
How about plant seeds?
Would you like hexagons in your skin?
Hexagons can be made by bacteria or can be delivery vehicles for pathogens and animals.
Would you like a variety of hexagons?
Some hexagons come with baby hexagons.
Do you want a patented photonic pulsatile delivery system to deliver animals to your skin?
Do you want Carbon, Silicon or Diamondoids?
Do you want hexagons with photophysical and photochemical properties?
ruthenium complex with metal-to-ligand charge-transfer makes it luminesce when touching metal.
Do you want yarn made by bacteria inside an animal’s cocoon in your skin? Bacillus subtilis?
Would you like the same bacterial fibres embedded in your paper money?
Do you want optical fibres?
Morgellons fibres may be coded genetically, with ACE pigments or dyes or in other ways for sensing their environment, including pH, H20, temperature, sugar, salt, light, electricity, magnetism, chemicals, molecules, etc.
Various neutral or fluorescent colours may be the engineer’s code to indicate what bacteria or animal made the fibre, or what the fibre contains.
Do you want cellulose fibres?
Do you want fibres with other things inside?
Do you want fibres that deliver INVERTEBRATES to your body?
Do you want fibres that deliver ceramics and glass?
Would you like “biocompatible” materials used in dentistry in your mouth and eyes?
Would you like dental materials in your lungs?
Would you like to have your bowels resectioned because animals and bacteria grow in your gut?
Do you have self-replicating gels, fibres and spheres in your eyes?
Do you want old diseases revived?
Do you want designer diseases?
Legionnaires, HIV, Alzheimer, Lyme, Shigella, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus, Autism?
Do you want a disease from a monkey, pig, cat, dog, bird, horse, cow or insect?
75% of all emerging disease are zoonotic.
Do you want stealth viruses that turn your brain into goo? BRAIN FOG
Do you want hydrogels, microgels and foreign DNA in your skin?
Do you want transgenic parasites that inject you with bacteria/stealth viruses?
Would you like Dictyostelium discoides, previously a soil-dwelling bacteria!
How about worms?
Or Collembola?
Or Rolly Pollies? Armadillidiidae
Or parasitoid wasps?
Unidentified insects?
How do you feel about insect pods?
Or Spiders? and its cocoon.
Or Moths? and its cocoon
Or Sugar Snakes? (macrocyclic needles)
Algae. Anyone?
Or Scabs with insect parts?
Silicone and DNA
Or Metal?
Got Crystals?
Got Specks? One side is iridescent and textured, the other dark blue.
Colony or Ovum?
Would you like to know who engineered all these things to exist in the human body?
Who would desire to create and have the resources to distribute Entomological Terrorism?
Who wants synthetic polymers to form a new plastic skin?
Morgellons relates to medical subjects yet doctors are ignorant.

Read “Morgellons Definitive Cure Post” For A Very Helpful Information On How You Can Recover From Morgellons.

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