General on TIs and Medical Body Area Networks.

Body area network is a wearable or implantable system of sensors that report physiological data.
Some sensors transmit EEG data. Cochlear implants transmit sound.
There are sensors to ID you, find your GPS location, monitor pressure, blood, glucose and heart and others.
MBAN sensors – will reach close to five million by 2018, according to an analysis from ABI Research, Fierce Mobil Healthcare.
MBAN is being used for pain systems covertly implanted while you are sleeping.
What is a Targeted Individual?
What’s Happening to Targeted Individuals?
1. Choose the Target
2. Take Their Privacy
3. Monitor Communications
4. Take Their Income
5. Take Their Home
6. Take Their Family
7. Kill Their Pets
8. Put them in a Mental Hospital
9. Destruction of Electronic Equipment
10. Financial Burden of Repairing and Replacing
Personal Items, Electronics, Appliances and Vehicles.
11. Surveillance
12. Stalking
13. Noise Campaign
14. Poisoning and Drugging
15. Radiation 15
16. Implants
17. Medical Care
18. Biological Weapons
19. Harassment
20. Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM)
21. Sleep Deprivation

Why is this Happening?

1. The Agenda of the New World Order
More Lies and Coverups
2. Perfect the Human Race for Some
The Georgia Guidestones
3. Eliminate Opponents
A Battle for the Mind
Mind Control Technology
Tip Guide for Targets
The Stalkers tactics:
-They stalkers try to convince other people (even the target’s friends & family members) that the target is bad, wrong, crazy, incompetent, etc.
-The stalkers will directly or indirectly threaten others to join their efforts or do nothing to help the target.
-The stalkers try to turn others against the target.
-The stalkers try to get the target unemployed, raped, homeless, isolated, hurt, etc.

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