Morgellons Insects & Gene Therapy

If you have Morgellons then you have insects or worms, bacteria or plants growing in your skin.
The gene therapy that makes this possible uses the insect hormone ECDYSONE and its receptor EcR.
The insect hormone receptor from the FLY DROSOPHILA MELANOGASTER or other species is incorporated into your hormone receptors in the skin.
Human skin is an independent peripheral endocrine organ which produces hormones and is able to metabolize hormones and to activate and inactivate them.
Human skin produces hormones which are released in the circulation and are important for the functions of the entire organism. Therefore, it is the target of ecdysone receptor gene therapy.
Humans have 48 kinds of hormone receptors but not the ecdysone receptor, so its gene must be taken from an insect genome.
If you get assaulted by these transgenic insects, you may have a rash with multiple lesions. You have been inoculated with the genetic therapy that installs the ecdysone receptor in your body. You may have insect genes.
An infestation of flies.An infestation of mites. Infestation by nematodes (roundworms).
Disease caused by whipworms.
Other Morgellons infestations are caused by parasitic wasps, moths and spiders.
Gene therapy:
Gene therapy can induce disease or cure it. The goal of gene therapy as a weapon is to effect a permanent debilitating change in the genetic makeup of the victim. The weapon does not have to be lethal.
Gene therapy is used to change the genetic makeup of a person without their knowledge or consent by means of an insect vector.
Insects transmit genes via their saliva, reproductive systems or excretory systems.
The genes must enter cells and be stably expressed at the right levels. The genetic control must be extremely precise so that a potentially lethal disease is not released prematurely, but only in response to the trigger.
Stealth viruses can remain for long periods without causing detectable harm. They can be contagious silently spreading throughout a targeted population over an extended time and then triggered.

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