How do u Get Morgellons worms

How do Morgellons’ victims get worms in their bodies?
By Deliberate contamination of the environment via aerosol, hexagons, fibres, clothing…
Worms are delivered in hexagons structures. These can be blown into the air where people congregate. They land on people and the worms emerge onto skin and hair.
Worms are associated with colonies, a colonial structure, food, excrement and other byproducts.
Worms procreate in the human body and produce eggs and young.
These hexagons may deliver worms or other life forms.
Infection may be through arthropods such as mites and gnats that have parasitic worms.
There is a woman victim who may have had materials placed in her home environments after a white van parked in her rural driveway for a time.
Stalkers are entering homes and spraying things on people.
She has had Morgellons for 10+ years. She has several types of worms, including whipworms.
Her hair has colonies of little glowing worms.
Some people say their hair moves by itself or stings them. This could be the reason.
There are animals living in the hair.
One victim has worms in her lungs and her coughs produce spittle with live worms in bubbles. She is a nurse and works with people. Is Morgellons infectious?
Another victim has worms living in her skin and hair. Her hair is growing in whorls down around her neck. The worms pull and twist her throat, choking her.
When a worm came out of her neck she felt some relief.
Some worms came out attached to an acupuncture bandaid.
These worms reacted to iodine, they came out of the skin into a band-aid.
There are many internal injuries such as worms in the lungs, heart and intestines.
Another woman victims bowels twist and churn causing great pain.
Morgellons injuries caused this woman to have parts of her colon and bowels removed.
The structures and animals of Morgellons are not natural.
They are the result of nanobiotechnology, a combination of genetics and synthetic biology.
Morgellons’ victims are fighting for their lives and no one seems to care.
Has freedom ceased and life is worth nothing?
Evolutionists believe our immune systems evolved with worms and bacteria.
“When you remove the worms & bacteria from the body the immune system responds inappropriately”.
Worms produce molecules that disable signalling pathways and block immune responses that would kill or expel them.

Our immune systems have evolved to accommodate worms by decreasing its sensitivity to them.

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