Morgellons Implant

Everything needed to cause the disease Morgellons can be placed inside a tiny structure that you cannot see.
“Active Material” means living tissues, cells, viable DNA/RNA, live viruses, bacteria, fungus, mould and animals.
These Active materials can be delivered within Hydrogel Microbeads.
Compositions comprising the microbeads may be sprayable.
They are preferably between 1 to 400 micrometres to ensure that the microbeads are easily sprayable from conventional nozzles.
The hydrogel microbeads are used to immobilize water soluble and insoluble actives such as oils, fragrances, lubricants, agricultural chemicals such as pheromones, herbicides, insecticides & pesticides.
This invention comprises a hydrophilic matrix with the active material therein. The matrix is capable of immobilizing a broad spectrum of active materials.
The active materials in the matrix diffuse from the mix and are released into the environment over an extended period of time.
Tacky microspheres of adhesive may be used to help adhere the hydrogel microbeads to an intended substrate. [substrate=YOU].
The compositions may also include adjuvants, gelling aids, fixatives, emulsifiers, extenders, and freeze/thaw stabilizers (polyhydric alcohols and their esters).
This invention describes the process of encapsulating living tissue or cells in alginate beads.
The encapsulation shell permits the passage of materials and oxygen to the cells and permits the diffusion of the metabolic by-products from the gel.
“Membrane-Coated Hydrogel Encapsulated Nematodes”
Nematodes have long been considered a desirable insecticide
agent due to their wide variety of target organisms.
Following ingestion by an insect, or invasion of an insect, the nematode penetrates the gut wall and enters the hemocoel, whereupon the bacteria are released and multiplies to produce fatal septicemia in the host.
Hydrogels are used to encapsulation numerous microorganisms or cell cultures as well as organic and bio-active chemicals.
A hydrated hydrogel capsule contains at least one nematode capable of infecting a host.
Encapsulated cells, DNA, larvae, fungus, slime moulds, and pathogens such as Lyme, fibromyalgia and lupus can be put into a structure so small, thousands could be ingested at the same time and you would never know.
This technology is called “ACTIVE DENIAL” Its perpetrator can actively deny responsibility because there is no proof of culpability.
These pathogens can be inhaled, ingested or gotten through the skin.

Read “Morgellons Definitive Cure Post” For A Very Helpful Information On How You Can Recover From Morgellons.

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