Morgellons Time Release Implant

There are two main components in Morgellons:
BIOLOGICAL and SYNTHETIC (sometimes combined)
BIOLOGICAL = Nature based
SYNTHETIC = Human-made
Most man-made systems and structures are modelled upon natural systems.
Craig Ventner modelled his “new species” assembled bacteria on other bacteria.
Not everyone gets the same symptoms.
Some get bugs,
some get polymer and fibres,
some both.
Everyone gets the hydrogels/nanogels.
Hydrogels and their malicious cargoes expand by absorbing body fluids.
Gels have been engineered as sensors to react to temperature and pH.
When temperatures rise, the tiny particles in the hydrogel contract and squeeze out medication.
When temperatures go down, the particles expand to hold the medication in.
When the gel returns to its previous size, the solute is squeezed out too.
This material is the dried solute that drips out after a change in temperature.
An ingested “package” may pass through the acidic stomach (1.0-3.0 pH). It may be programmed specifically to become active at the pH of the small intestine (6.5-8.0) and a strong mucosal adhesive keeps it there.

pH is the standard of hydrogen. The standard pH range is from 0 to 14.
7.0 is said to be neutral.
1-7 is acidic.
7-14 is base (alkaline)
The normal healthy person has a pH value of between 7.35 to 7.45.
Values above or below are vulnerable to health problems and may be the key to activating Morgellons.
The perfect pH buffer is Creme of Tartar. A teaspoon once a day should help keep your pH balanced.
It may be one of the most important factors in keeping Morgellon’s materials inactive.
The materials that cause Morgellons are carefully engineered and encapsulated so they can go through the environment.
Some are enough to go through a city’s water filters. You could ingest 100’s at a time.
Morgellons patients have illegal implants which release and continue generating materials over time.
Their body fluids are replaced with gels laced with DNA which generate fibres.
Morgellons gels, fluids, fibres and bugs are the result of research studies and are documented.
What do implants look like?

When in the intestines, they swell to about the size of a golf ball.

It is imperative that this be removed from the intestines.
Some Morgellons patients report intestinal blockages.
Morgellons’ victims need to clean out the colon with a herbal cleanse and then an enema. I know this isn’t easy but you need to get Morgellons materials out of your intestines.
most important, do not use laxatives as they will flush beneficial vitamins and minerals out.
Take a full dose of vitamins and minerals to supplement our poor diets.
Synthetic component
Synthetic life is artificial life created from non-living substances.
Synthetic biology is the design and construction of new biological functions and systems not found in nature.
It is the vogue to use the infection methods and structures of viruses, bacteria and animals to engineer biological products.
Scientists are now able to design polypeptide (protein)-based nanostructures with a wide range of synthetic biological materials.
These implanted gels generate high molecular weight collagen-like peptide polymers prepared by a combination of solid phase peptide synthesis, polymerization, and self-assembly.
Hydrogels have been designed to be biocompatible based on natural systems.
These peptide-based fibres and gels contain DNA for medical implantation and gene therapy.

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