Stalking is illegal Problem-Oriented Policing

According to Herbert Goldstein, “For years people focused on the means of policing rather than its ends.”
Herbert invented the concept of using torturous and illegal means to achieve what they want rather than actually using legal means. He called it Problem-Oriented Policing.
Problem-Oriented Policing is a concept that ignores the constitution and the right to maintain your own body in its original form because this program includes covert implants in the brain, chest, arms, abdomen, hip, legs and feet. Really they take over a person’s entire body, including the central nervous system with heat and vibration.
Janet Reno set this program in motion in 1994. It’s called Community-Oriented Policing and uses police, firemen, EVAC, veterans, and ordinary people to perform missions such as phone stalking illegal surveillance, covert implants, radiations and chemical poisoning.
Targeted Individuals are also used for human experimentation as if they had no more value than a rat.

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