Targeted Individuals

Negative eugenics Is the improvement of the genetic makeup of a population by preventing the production of the obviously unfit.
This would call for the neutralization, Elimination, death or suicide of victims.
The NO-TOUCH TORTURE Program conducts Extended surveillance on individuals And tortures them until they are dead.
This requires a gang mentality involving retaliation, reputation, loyalty and respect.
This program uses radiation weapons to deteriorate the victim’s physical health and damages them psychologically.
If victims relocate, They are tortured in their new home.
Victims are being accused of being delusional and hospitalized for being “Danger to themselves and others”
They are forced to take Drop for psychiatric conditions they don’t have.
Torture Includes total surveillance, Radiating victims with directed energy weapons and gangstalking.
Stalking Deprives a Person of their security, home, Property, Health, job, sleep & Privacy.
How a team of stalkers terrorizes a neighbourhood or an individual.
Homes are rigged with 2-way radios, phones are bugged and electronics, radios, televisions and cameras are broken or stolen, especially recording types of equipment.
Agents break into homes while people are at work and descend on a home at dusk and work from the roof. They hang surveillance equipment down the vents on the roof and radiate people in their sleep.
In Texas, they put meth-making chemicals down the pipes on the roof to poison your house.
Agents sit on the roof or outside your house for hours. They leave a “nest” outside windows where they sit and leave empty drink cans.
Victims are not allowed to sleep and if they do sleep, agents play tricks on them with personal items out of place. They want you to know they have been in your home.
Agents use Infrared high-sensitivity equipment, thermal imaging, and through-the-wall technologies which can detect your activities behind the walls of your home and even in darkness.
Victims lose their privacy and dignity due to the use of see-thru technology. Victims can be seen from outside the home doing private things.
Agents who carry out daily and nightly invasions of homes have caused deaths by spraying people with toxic chemicals in their sleep causing blindness, lung injuries or death. The death appears to be of natural causes.
They follow you to the grocery store and bump into you on purpose. They tamper with containers and contaminate your food.
Agents target you in traffic and cause traffic accidents you’ve never had before.
Repeated acts of “no touch” invisible torture evoke the question “why would someone do this to another person?
The answer is, “so you would as that very question under a fog of delusional suspicion.”
Radiation weapons are aimed at victims while they sleep.
The victim’s health is affected so they can no longer work and they lose their income. Directed Energy Weapons destroy eyesight, cause heart failure and death.
What are Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)?
A (DEW) is a type of weapon that emits energy in an aimed direction without the means of a projectile.
It transfers energy to a target for a desired effect (harm, torture, death).

Three kinds of weapons are:

(1) Electromagnetic radiation (lasers or masers)
(2) Particles with mass (particle beam weapons)
(3) Sound (sonic weaponry).

How does radiation affect biological systems?
Molecules are agitated and become heated. If the temperature becomes too high, complex molecules break apart. Your cells get “cooked.”
Radiation causes bound electrons to be “knocked” free from their parent atoms or molecules and become free to interact harmfully with other atoms and molecules.
IONIZATION (bombard)
When molecules absorb enough energy from a particle or photon radiation, they break apart and disassociate. This causes the direct modification or destruction of complex molecules.
Radiation causes molecular bonds to break creating H+ and OH- ions. At high temperatures free radicals form, then hydrogen peroxide forms and destroys DNA.
Excessive molecular damage can lead to cellular death or mutation and to the death of the entire organism.
Human cells must remain at a cool 98.6 to remain healthy.
Cities have microwave systems on utility poles and some built-in in neighbourhood towers, some freestanding (triangular) and in churches and steeples. [magnetron generates microwaves]
This is the most dangerous form. Microwave ovens can be modified to focus to 1200 watts. Results are blisters, internal bruising/bleeding/death.
Microwaves can be triangulated on a sleeper so that a super-destructive microwave field is created where the signals meet. This can be done from vehicles, antennas mounted on homes or by satellite. there work quickly.
Dr Gerhard Munzert was arrested and put in a mental hospital and drugged for lecturing on this torture.

You can read his work on
RADAR GUNS have outputs from 2 watts to 3 Megawatts!
They emit long or short pulses of high energy capable of causing instant damage like brain damage or death to living creatures.
Tasers, Klystron guns, ion beam guns, plasma pulse guns, and soliton bombs.
See “Acoustic Trauma: Bioeffects of sound” for the effects of sonic weapons.
All objects have a property known as resonant frequency.
Sound can be exploited and turned to particular resonant Frequencies inherent in Humans Which have a diverse range of psychophysiological effects
INFRASOUND (sound waves with frequencies below the lower limit of human audibility.)
The most profound effects of sound are attributed to infrasound in the region of 7Hz. This corresponds with the median alpha-rhythm frequencies of the brain.
It also commonly alleged that this is the resonant frequencies of the body’s organs and hence organ rupture and death occur at high-intensity exposures.
The aims of such systems are to influence and manipulate neural activity or to confuse or destroy the signals that normally keep the body in equilibrium.
One group of devices are silent communication systems in which non-aural carries in the infrasound or ultrasound range are propagated acoustically or vibrationally for inducement into the brain.
Operating as an infrasound device the acoustic psycho-correction message is transmitted via bone conduction.
It also possible to use stored EEG patterns to induce emotions in people.
Victims hear voices in their heads or see random images or lights. This makes people think they have a mental illness.
Results of x-rays are tumours, brain disorders, mental illness, tremors, headaches, cataracts, seizures or death.
Radiation harassers can also get various radioactive materials such as thorium nitrate, plutonium oxide, uranium nitrate, and uranyl nitrate. These can cause a terrible and agonizing death.
Symptoms are headache, eye irritation, dizziness, nausea, skin rash, facial swelling, weakness fatigue, pain in joints and/or muscles, buzzing/ringing in ears, skin numbness, abdominal pain, difficulty breathing, Irregular heartbeat, sexual stimulation, paralysis, balance problems, body and muscle spasms, convulsions, confusion, depression, difficulty in concentrating, seizure, memory loss.
What do No-Touch Torture, Eugenics and Morgellons have in common?
They attack your personal identity.
Victims are defined as DELUSIONAL.
What are the stalkers do with phones, tablets and devices? See:
“Electronic sensor interfaces with Telemetry” from advances in bioengineering by Ifana Mahbub, et al.
A Medical Body Area Network is an implanted system of sensors that sends and receives biometric communication with the human body.
See “Medical Body Area Networks”
Targeted Individuals are implanted covertly and some have hundreds of sensors in their bodies.
This is not just for the elderly. This is for every human on the planet to be controlled, punished, tortured and eliminated at the government’s whim.
Is this what you want for your children?
Frequencies control everything from the brain, bowels, urination, anger, sleep. Humans will be under Full Spectrum Domination which is a military strategy meant to robotize the entire human race. Do you want the government emptying your bowels when they choose to?
NBC Prediction: We Will All Have an RFID Chip Under Our Skin by 2017
Targeted Individuals Already Have this Overwhelming Surveillance Monitoring Military Full Spectrum Dominance System Installed.
“He who controls the entire electromagnetic spectrum will dominate the world” -V.I. Vernadsky (1863-1945).
Governments are dominating Targeted Individuals in every aspect of their life including medical, shopping, travel, even making them do things they would not otherwise do.
What happens when one human dominates another?
But it will not turn out well for the wicked one, nor will he prolong his days that are like a shadow, because he does not fear God.-Ecclesiastes 8:13
What are these?
A) Intra-WBSN,
B) Inter-WBSN, and
C) Beyond-WBSN.
A) Intra-WBSN is the Wireless Body Sensor Network inside you that senses and transmits your brain waves, nervous system signals and vital signs into a central node called a gateway.
B) Inter-WBSN is the Wireless Body Sensor Network when it communicates with devices like phones, tablets or computers.
Your personal data is stolen by stalkers with devices.
C) Beyond-WBSN is the Wireless Body Sensor Network when it communicates all your private information to the world.

This is why your personal frequencies have to be stolen. No one would agree to this.

Your private body frequencies are even sent to other countries and their stalking networks so you be radiated, burned and stalked anywhere you flee to get away from the torture.
Your body frequencies are given to your torturers so they can burn and vibrate you 24 hours a day.
Covert implants are misused medical technology.
Nanoparticles are implanted in everyone too.
Eagles are indoctrinated and given an induction ceremony and take an oath similar to the Brownshirts of Germany and the Masons.
They perform “community services” for the Community Oriented Policing.
This is unconstitutional, misused technology and psyops being perpetrated on the American public and around the world through organized criminal fusion centre agencies.
If covert implanting, covertly getting frequencies, covert torture and covert stalking were constitutional legal, they wouldn’t have to be covert, would they?
I have recently discovered or decided if that’s a better term that outbreaks of Morgellons can be triggered with frequencies. While no sores on the skin and everything seems to be cleared up, the eggs can still be there. They can be triggered to start a growth cycle by the frequencies for the juvenile growth hormone and ecdysone.
I think Morgellons victims are targeted individually, absolutely! The uniqueness of the specimens found like mechanical-looking robots, pictures of people in specimens, unique structures and hexagons, say these things have been implanted during medical procedures, released into specific homes, contaminating bedding and clothing of CHOSEN individuals, those seen as whistleblowers, people who call 911 or are easy to target and follow their progress because of their location.
the New One World Order means “world” so there is a good probability that you would be followed. These things are happening all over, especially, the infection, radiation, harassment and invasive surveillance.
Targeted Individuals are connected to the 4G LTE system and are being targeted with Direct Energy Weapons (DEW)
The problem is that America has a justice system which operates according to the constitution.
Any other “DISMISSING” is illegal, not to mention, inhumane.
If a crime is committed, the justice system already has a constitutional remedy.
An extrajudicial remedy would be vigilante justice.
TIs are blacklisted and considered terrorists without adjudication, OR an opportunity to defend themselves.
The program is for LIFE until they are dead.
Targeted Individuals are being heated with microwaves until they are dead!
Targeted Individuals are implanted with an electronic Body Sensor Network that connects them to the 4G LTE cell phone network.
They receive brain implants, RFID chips, GPS chips,,,
The body sensor Network communicates:
1. Your EEG (brain waves)
2. Your Vital signs
3. Senses including sight and sound
4. Pain/Pleasure (yes orgasms)
5. RFID chip with IP and MAC address
6. GPS (Global Position Satellite)
7. Your position in space (laying, sitting)
8. Medical Records
9. Personal Information
10. Identifies your body after death
TIs are being used as human experiments to inaugurate this program.
The next step is to extend this program of implants to the whole human race so the can be totally surveilled, tracked, tortured and electronically harassed in the new covert in-justice System.
TIs are being eliminated from society by the loss of their jobs, property, friends, family, medical care, control of their own bodies…
Not being able to shop or buy food.
They are supposed to COMMIT SUICIDE as the result of persistent electronic harassment, stalking and the loss of EVERYTHING that humans need to live.
Psychological, Biological and Electromagnetic frequency Weapons are being used against innocent people.

Read “Morgellons Definitive Cure Post” For A Very Helpful Information On How You Can Recover From Morgellons.

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