What is 5G about

June 20, 2016, FCC press conference on 5G. Washington, DC

Tom Wheeler said:

The big game-changer as the 5G will use much higher frequency bands than previously thought viable for mobile broadband and other applications. Such millimetre waves signals have physical properties that are both a limitation and a strength, they tend to travel best in narrow and straight lines and they do not go through physical objects as well, but brilliant engineers have developed new antennas that can aim and amplify signals now to make this work, the 5G build out is going to be very infrastructure intensive requiring massive deployment of small cells, I’m confident that the actions will lead to a cornucopia of unanticipated innovative uses and will generates tens of billions of dollars in economic activity and that’s damn important because it means that US companies will be the first out of the gate and that is why 5G is national priority and stay out of the way of technological development, unlike some countries we do not believe that we should spend the next couple of years studying what 5G should be or it should operate the future has a way of inventing itself turning innovators loose is far preferable to expecting committees and regulators to define the future, we won’t wait for standards, we’re already seeing the industry gearing up to seize this apportunity. Verizon and AT&T tell us they’ll begin deploying 5G trials in 2017 and the first commercial deployments they’re talking about are expected in 2020 and we’re not done as part of our July 14 actually we also plan to ask for comments on opening up other high frequency bands, many of the high-frequency bands that will make available for 5G currently have some satellite users as well as some defence of department applications or at least the possibility of future satellite and defence users, this means sharing will be required between satellite and terrestrial wireless, an issue that is especially relevant the 28 gigahertz band, but if anyone tells you that they know the details of what 5G is going to become, run the other way, if something can be connected it will be connected to hundreds of billions of microchips connected in products from pill bottles to plant waterers, we must reject the notion that the 5G future will be the sole province of urban areas, the 5G revolution will touch all corners of our country, a lot more antenna citing decisions by local governments and tightened our shot clock for citing applications reviews. America’s local governments will play an important role in determining how we fulfil this national priority. You can be sure of only one thing, the biggest internet of things application has yet to be imagined. This Insanity Must Be Stopped. Said Tom Wheeler.

Four weeks later An FCC thug confiscated the reporter’s credentials because he spoke with an advocate about wireless radiation harm.

When Todd the reporter told Tom Wheeler about that, Tom Wheeler said, I’ve just heard about it for the first time Todd, I mean obviously this is an open meeting you know and I’m sure that if your credentials have been mistakenly taken, you will get them back but there’s responsibility for everybody who comes here to behave responsibly.  

NOTE that “Tom Wheeler said, I’ve just heard about it for the first time”. Then how did he know that the reporter did not behave responsibly?

The government’s own $25m study (by the National Toxicology Program) concluded that wireless radiation increases cancer.”

But rather than heeding this and thousands of other studies which indicate harm, our corporatized government urgently pushes a rollout of 5G communications and surveillance technology, at untested frequencies of 28 GHz to 100 GHz or more… and are attempting silence all questions about health risk or surveillance.

The non-industry medical people and researchers are trying to alert us that chronic wireless exposure is associated with a multitude of effects and symptoms.

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