Making a Morgellons Scrubber

Morgellons Stripper. What you will need is
aloe vera gel – salicylic acid – citric acid – ascorbic acid and Iodine.
250 milligrammes of aloe vera gel
1 tsp of Ascorbic acid
1 tsp of citric acid
quarter tsp of salicylic acid
20 drops of Iodine

What you do is throw in all 3 acids in a blender or your power extractor you made-
blend till everything is dissolved-
Then pour into another jar and use the Iodine and stir in with a spoon or add it to another jar to and from pouring from one jar to another-
Do this about 20 times-
When done you can apply it on the skin and apply briskly and you will a lot of the Morgellons come right through the skin-
Do this before and after a Bath and you will see incredible amounts of your skin will loosen up debris from chemtrails and GMO or GE.

Bring a jar with measurements and pour about 250 millimetres aloe vera gel
Add 1 tsp of citric acid –
Add a quarter of tsp of salicylic acid aspirin. Do not buy the 81 milligrams that they are telling you to take every day, It has waxes in it, it has metal components to it, polymers do not break in the body (they do not pass through the body), you break down the polymer in the body it will change and morph into something completely different, so you cannot aggressively break things down in your system.
So if you’re going to use an aspirin, use it pure place. To get a pure aspirin it’s “United”.
Why are we using aspirin? Because aspirin strips off toxins off the skin, it actually heals the skin and reduces inflammation of the skin.
Add about 15 grams of vitamin C. The citric acid protects from the collagen breaking down. Why are we putting it in aloe vera? because aloe vera will penetrate up to three layers of skin.
Blend for two minutes.

We didn’t blend the Iodine in the blender because Iodine breaks down the metal and you don’t want to risk breaking down your blender.

Add 20 drops of Iodine and stir or pour from one jar to another, do it 20 times.
Now how do you work it!
Add any essential oil like lemongrass (about 5 drops) or whatever, if you add tea tree oil it could be a little bit on the harsh side, so add a lighter oil and mix it up.
Pour to a glass jar.
Make your hands wet with it and rub it on all over.
Polymers will start coming out you. You may find tiny little black specks, blue specks, red specks and maybe even yellow speck.

Read “Morgellons Definitive Cure” Post For A Very Helpful Information On How You Can Recover From Morgellons.

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  1. Thank you. Will let you know how it goes when I get around to doing it 🙄😪🙏. You have no idea how much I (and I’m sure others) appreciate you taking the time to post this. Once I am also in good condition, I also want to spread the word & help others be free of this hell of an affliction because this is just so awful that only those who are truly experiencing it would understand why you need to pass the word on as soon as possible — bc it is just undeserved, nonsensical literal torture. Many thanks 😊💜


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