MORGELLONS-Stimuli-pH Responsive Hydrogels

pH Stimulated Hydrogel. If Morgellons pathogens are ingested by mouth, the stomach acidity may be used to degrade the shell and advance the remaining contents into the intestines, or it may bypass the stomach and pass on to the less acidic intestines.

Past methods of drug delivery send a concentration of a drug in pill form into the stomach and the rest of the drug is generally dispersed.

In time-release drug delivery, a smart polymer reacts drastically to a small change in bodily stimuli, such as temperature, pH, or the presence of a chemical.

A smart polymer can be used to deliver medical cargo at a location defined by its pH.

Hydrogels are polymer networks filled with water that can trap cargo chemicals within their filaments and micelles.

A chemist creates a pH-sensitive hydrogel by adding acidic or basic functional groups to the backbone of its polymer component.

This produces a polymer molecule that acts as an acid or a base, releasing or accepting protons in response to the pH of its surrounding.

The transfer of protons implies the accumulation of a charge in the polymer molecules.

When a sufficient amount of charge has built up, the polymer filaments repel each other, resulting in expansion.

The volume drastically expands and the cargo drug escapes through newly-enlarged polymer pores.

By controlling the number and type of acid or basic functional groups, the designer of a smart polymer can fine-tune the sensitivity of the polymer, defining a range of pH that excludes or includes high-acid areas.

Selective pH treatment is used to treat intestinal diseases such as Crohn’s disease and colitis.

The gastrointestinal tract is a well-defined acidity gradient, starting in the harsh acid stomach and steadily tapering toward neutral in the colon.

A smart polymer coating protects the stomach from the drugs, and vice-versa.

The Intellicap

This pH technology has been taken to the extreme in a product y Royal Philips Electronics called the iPill.

The iPill combines acid sensors, drug delivery mechanisms, signal transmitters and a 2-day battery into a disposable tablet.

The 11×26 mm capsule has a microprocessor, battery, pH sensor, temperature sensor, RF wireless transceiver, fluid pump and the drug reservoir.

It communicates via its wireless transceiver to a control unit outside the body.

Measurements are taken as the Intellicap moves through the gut.

Measurements are reported wirelessly to an external control unit, which records data and may also transmit additional control signals back to the Intellicap.

By creating a polymer that automatically responds to pH, Morgellons targets specific locations where the polymer shell will degrade and the polymer matrix attaches to cell membranes and mucus linings of cells.

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