Knocking Out BioFilm From Your Body

Biofilm is a cluster of bacteria that can accumulate to disengage or disarm any invading material or any kind of invader in your body. What happened is that you have several strains of bacterium, the stronger strains will kill the weaker strains to create this protein-sugar layer to cover up or to encase or to help with the assimilation of whatever is there, and because we are all exposed the nanoparticles. Everybody got nanoparticles in their body, there’s no escaping it today if you’re not getting it from the sky you’re getting it from the food supply, whatever. So what happens is, you’ll start having different things happen, whether it be in the internal or the external, as a result, you have a biofilm build-up which can accumulate throughout your body. We have a lot of negative bacteria in our colon which is consumed and which have left you wide open to any kind of nanoparticle accumulation in the colon which again produces a biofilm which would cause a lot of problems in your system. Biofilm can occur internal or external.
So here’s a very simple way to knock our biofilm.
We are going to use alcohol in this situation.
Note. Most belief systems do allow alcohol usually for the use of medicinal purposes, even Muslims can use alcohol for that reason as long as it’s in a controlled manner. If the alcohol will cause you any kind of loss of control then don’t use this remedy.
if you have an alcohol issue or alcohol poisoning then you are going to use oil instead, use a teaspoon of oil (sesame seed oil, sunflower oil, olive oil as long as it’s a pure oil not compromised or counterfeit olive oil, you can use peanut oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil, sunflower oil, macadamia nut oil, coconut oil. You can mix it with butter, ghee, MCT oil),
never use any soy or canola or omega threes, use sixs,
do not use safflower oil.

In this demonstration, we going to use alcohol because alcohol gets it into the system extremely fast and effectively, and the quicker it gets to the bloodstream the quicker it goes to where it needs to go.

Put one or two drops of summer savoury oil or any essential oil like oregano, marjoram, cinnamon, wintergreen or birch oil.
Put one shot of alcohol.
Give it a swirl and make sure you mix it up really well.
Alcohol is a solvent and it will help disperse the essential oil.
Now drink it and whatever is down there that don’t belong will come out.

Also, those who are having respiratory issues, all of a sudden you’ll be able to breath better.

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      1. Its helping; I need to get to the o cean, 4 1/2 miles away w/2 big dogs who are afraid to get in the car. If i can do that, I think I can rid this like you did and again THANK YOU MY FRIEND 🙂

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