Synthetic Chromosomes

NASA and the Human Genome Project have devised a way to change your DNA without your knowledge or consent.
In this Post, you will see how medical research said to be for good purposes is turned into a disease. A person in the medical field should know of these developments.

If you have Morgellons, you may have 47 chromosomes instead of 46 chromosomes.
“Cousin 47” is a synthetic chromosome in which genes of other living things can be inserted.

How did this happen?
The Venus de Morgellons is a pod with live insects inside which a woman delivered from her skin.

Gene Therapy
Another Pod
Gene therapy for genetic diseases such as sickle-cell anaemia and haemophilia depends on a way of getting corrective genes into blood cells of the patient (a good thing).

Humans have 22 types of autosomes (22 from each parent) plus 2 sex chromosomes, one from each parent.
Female=XX and Male=XY
Total of 46 in each cell.

How do you get a gene into the body of a human and make it replicate so it ends up in every cell of your body?
Viruses are usually used but often they can’t carry long human genes, and they don’t always produce consistent results.
In 1995 Dr Paula Gregory gave a presentation on the Human Genome Project. She was Chief of the Genetics Ed Office Nat’l Ctr for Human Genome Project. These were advertised on the NASA website (Oct. 10, 1995).
“The goal of the Hume Genome Project was to locate each of the approximately 100,000 human genes, three billion bits of info to help people with cancer, heart disease, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, Huntington’s…”
Dr Greory also conducted research on Human Artificial Chromosomes. All her lectures were held at NASA bases.

Did Morgellons come from NASA and the Human Genome Project?
In 1997 a team led by Huntington Willard at Case Reserve Univ School of Medicine produced a stable Human Artificial Chromosome.
The HAC is about a fifth to a tenth the size of a natural human chromosome.
The HAC is longer than any viral genome and long enough to carry entire human genes, and the sequences around them that regulate how much protein is made.
Viruses can easily slip into a person’s tissues but artificial chromosomes can only be put into cells that be removed from the body and then reintroduced, such as blood cells.

“The year in Science: Genetics 1997 A Man-Made Chromosome” by Unmesh Kher January 1998.
A Human Artificial Chromosome (HAC) is a microchromosome that behaves just like a natural one. It is duplicated and passed along with every cell division.

“Cousin 47” The Human Artificial Chromosome
The Human Artificial Chromosome therapy avoids the problems associated with older gene therapy techniques. The HAC will not cause a viral inflammatory response like the adenovirus.
The DNA, recognized by the immune system as Human, will avoid killer T-cell attacks, allowing more transgene expression.
HACs use host cellular transcription mechanisms. Their transgenes won’t incorporate into the host genome & will not interrupt sequences important for normal cellular functions.

Does this account for the existence of non-human DNA thriving in a Morgellons victim’s body. Do we have plant and animal artificial chromosomes as well?
“Cousin 47” causes a problem with fertilization. Parents with unequal gametes may be infertile.
The “47” presence may be reversible with the Cre/loxP system of slicing it out of cells.

Who would pay for that process?
The Cre/loxP system allows deletion of “47” and allows your DNA to recombine.
Cre/loxP provides a deletion mechanism for the HAC when the extra chromosome is no longer needed.

“The Human Artificial Chromosome”
Explorations: An Undergraduate Research Journal 2004 by Talia Mota

Why would anyone put a synthetic chromosome in you?
It is cheaper than conventional weapons!
It can be denied!

The Human Artificial Chromosome makes it possible to insert “other DNA”, such as viruses, bacteria, mould, fungus,
Perhaps All The Living Things You See In Morgellons.
It is a method of controlling your DNA which could save your life but also could be used to kill you.
In the case of Morgellons, we can only assume it is being used as a weapon to kill us.

“Synthetic DNA Delivery Systems”
Dan Luo, Mark Saltzman
Nature Biotechnology (200)
[Hand with Dicty Colonies]

Other Synthetic Chromosomes
“Mammalian Artificial Chromosomes (MACs) provide a means to introduce large payloads of genetic information into the cell in an autonomously replicating, non-integrating format.”
“Mammalian Artificial Chromosome Eng System Application to Biopharmaceutical Protein Production, Transgenesis and Gene-based Cell Therapy”
M. Lindenbaum, et al. November 14, 2004

In 2002 Dr Eckard Wimmer announced the construction of a synthetic polio virus from a recipe they downloaded from the internet and used gene sequences from a mail-order supplier.
“First Synthetic Virus Created” By Dr David Whitehouse BBC News Online Science Editor July 11, 2002, UK
Yeast and bacterial artificial Chromosomes were first described in 1983 by Murray and Szostak.
Bacterial Artificial Chromosomes were used to sequence the genome of organisms in the Human Genome Project.
A short piece of the organism’s DNA is amplified as an insert in BACs and then sequenced.
Yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) is a vector used to clone DNA fragments larger than 100 kb and up to 3000 kb.
YACs are useful for the physical mapping of complex genomes and for the cloning of large genes.
A YAC is built using an initial circular plasmid, which is typically broken into two linear molecules using restriction enzymes.
DNA ligase is then used to ligate a sequence or gene of interest between the two linear molecules, forming a single large linear piece of DNA.
Yeast expression vectors have an advantage over bacterial artificial chromosomes (BACs) in that they can be used to express eukaryotic proteins.
YACs have been found to be less stable than BACs, producing chimeric effects.
DictyBase Website’s colony compared to Jan Smith’s chimeric Dictyostelium.
Dictyostelium is one of the slime moulds thriving in Morgellons victims.

Is Morgellons a population control method?
Are we downsizing the human population to make more room for dinosaurs?

Read “Morgellons Definitive Cure Post” For A Very Helpful Information On How You Can Recover From Morgellons.

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