Song For Targeted Individuals

“Waves of Darkness” by Neal Chevrier.
We are the pioneers here in a high tech new frontier.
We’re fighting for survival and no one else comes near.
Lightning bolts you can’t see shocks you into fear.
Psychotronic warfare makes think the end is here.
Radiation penetrates you to the depths of your soul.
The people sense the fear inside you but they are mind controlled.
You feel your body shake and tremble as they tear you apart.
Because they’ve unleashed every demon to steal your soul and heart.
To steal your soul and heart.
Steal your soul and heart.
Some are whisleblowers bring the truth into the light.
The underground corruption, they had to do what’s right.
Some are just experiments to improve the wartime fight.
It hurts to see their desperation and hear their lonely cries.
You’d better run for cover, hide deep in your night.
They just won’t let you rest and now you’re sleep deprived.
And when you get to sleep they’ll rape you in the night.
You feel the radiation and there’s nowhere safe in sight.
There’s nowhere safe in sight.
there’s nowhere safe in sight.
Another day they follow you wherever you may go.
It’s modern day warfare, they call it mind control.
They’ll be waiting there for you, your thoughts they always know.
They’ll make you feel hopeless, that is their only goal.
The doctors and the law enforcement turn their heads away.
They’ll tell you that you’re crazy, that’s what they’re told to say.
We know they are part of a system and money is their game.
Some of them run for their lives and we can see they’re scared.
Yes we can see they’re scared.
we can see they’re scared.
Run from the cell phone towers, hide from the satellites.
Your GPS, the drones above you, cell phones, orbs in flight.
Poison your food, contaminate you with germ warfare.
Chemtrails and pesticides, you smell death in the air.
The pen is mighty, not the sword, light makes dark disappear.
To illuminate the evil ones is their biggest fear.
Take charge of the situation, before our children cry their tears.
The time has come for all to know, we are the pioneers.
Hold on to your thoughts of love now, throw away your fears.
The time has come for love to win, as darkness disappears.
We must rise up and face the beast because the end is near.
You know the end has come now, that’s truly why you’re here.

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