Dual Technologies: Geoengineering, weather, Weaponization, MIlitary Surveillance, Mind Control, Topography, Weather Modeling. Many hands are in the mix.
All these technologies require constant chemtrail coverage.
Chemtrail Chemistry
1. Combustion process (jet fuel + additives)
Additives are explosive and engineered to optimize cloud properties.
2. Chemical compounds burn at high temperature or are combined in hypergolic reactions.
Hyperbolic: igniting spontaneously on mixing with another substance.
A hyperbolic reaction between dissolved salts of barium chloride and barium nitrate in liquid fuel combined with an oxidizer releases a high yield of luminous barium atoms and barium ions.
3. Release materials react explosively with air.
4. They recombined based on differences of electronegativity between the released atoms and also in random collisions.
Electronegativity is determined by a descending scale from upper right of the periodic table to the lower left side: F>O>Cl>N>Br>S>C>H>Si>Al>Ca>Cs
5. Particles produce multiple scattering “Mie Scattering” or “Raleigh Scattering.”
Barium is a near perfect diffuser of light (scatterer).
Mie Scattering is an analytical solution of Maxwell’s equations for the scattering of electromagnetic radiation by spherical particles.
Rayleigh scattering is the elastic scattering of light or other electromagnetic radiation by particles much smaller than the wavelength of the light (individual atoms or molecules).
Electromagnetic waves are one of the best known and most commonly encountered form of radiation that undergoes scattering.
Scattering of light and radio waves (especially in radar) is particularly important.
Coherent backscattering is coherent radiation scattered by a random medium and is usually attributed to weak localization.
Coherent/Incoherent studies and Mapping include the use of various radars LIDAR, Doppler and others.
A radar beam scattering of electrons in plasma creates an incoherent scatter echo.
The incoherent scatter signal allows measurement of electron density, ion temperature, electron temperature, ion composition and plasma velocity.
Electrons are controlled by the much slower and massive position ions, Electron density fluctuation relates to ion temperature, mass distribution, and motion.
Barium ions are very dense and have optical, magnetic and electrical conduction properties.
Barium chemtrails set up conduction processes in the atmosphere and change the Earth’s potential gradient, and make giant electrodes that harness the charge liberated from the Sun’s fusion energy.
What is the result when all the metals fallout from these clouds?
Damages to plants, air, water, and people due to the uptake of metals in the animal food chain.
This is not an issue for a tissue.
This is a matter of the clatter of the gravedigger’s ladder.
How much barium can you ingest before you have damage in your chest?
Symptoms of Barium Poisoning: Breathing difficulties. Stomach irritation, increased blood pressure, heart rhythm changes, muscle weakness, altered nerve reflexes, damage to brain, liver, kidney.
If you are breathing under skies of man-made lies, you are a lab rat.

Once upon a time, there was a holocaust.
People see but don’t believe. It is too much to conceive.

The worst is being done. (In 2010 its earthquakes and volcanos).
With a high powered gun.
Science has conceived a plan it has hidden from Everyman. (the ordinary people).
Scientists have their heads together. How do we control the weather?
“How do we control you, the world, the universe?”
Jets and planes above assault us.
Things we knew are far behind us.
Are polymer science and radio wars our future?
These things can’t be fixed with just a suture.
Our government tells us everything we need to know.
Oops! Maybe not!
FREON is a chlorofluorocarbon that destroys ozone.
Chlorofluorocarbons released 65 years ago while creating the atom bombs are destroying ozone in the upper atmosphere.
The US government injected 18 people with plutonium between 1945 and 1047. They studied them, cut off limbs and only 3 survived.
They were never told they were lab rats.
Now they deny the existence of chemical releases from jet planes.
Ain’t they natural?
It is not natural to find SF6, trimethylaluminum, strontium, gallium, barium or magnesium, or any other metals in our air.
SF6 is an asphyxiant soluble in ethanol. It is added to jet fuel because it is pyrophoric. It wants to burn.
SF6 is 5 times more dense than air. It is hazardous because it replaces oxygen.
SF6 has the ability to alter vocal sound waves. Your voice will be very deep due to gas density if exposed.

Dr Mengele’s nickname was Boppo.
Here’s Oboppo (Barak Obama). He is allowing experimentation on your children.

A lesson in Good Manners When aboard an aircraft. Follow all airline regulations. Do not bring water, toothpaste or hand cream onboard.
It is good manners to use earphones when listening to personal entertainment devices.
It is not good manners to carry hazardous materials onboard an aircraft.
Or drop hazardous materials from an aircraft over unsuspecting innocent civilians.
Things might happen you can’t fix.
Someone might get hurt.
Or you might kill necessary animals.
Other stuff happens too.
That’s why they call them hazardous.
Elementary lesson: Hazardous materials must be kept away from humans so they be happy and healthy.
An ASSAULT is any unlawful attemp or offer with force or violence to do a corporal hurt to another.
If someone causes a toxic substance to go up your nose, they have assaulted you.
It is what Hitler did to the Jews.

You have the right to defend yourself!
But how? Chemtrails are Everywhere!

You and your children are breathing metallic dust in the day and being microwaved at night.

Read “Morgellons Definitive Cure” Post For A Very Helpful Information On How You Can Recover From Morgellons.

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  1. This is what they did to me, and it was done with intent… flyover’s in the middle of the night, repeatedly.. and more Drones all sizes, blew my husband in half and covered for those that did it, attacked me with bots and a direct energy weapon for two long days dragged me around my home collapsing my lung and trachia, shot synthetic bio that turned to nanobot robots into my body and it continues into bio weapons. The US government are pure NAZIs. Chemtrails – Morgellons Cure

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