Morgellons is a bioweapon


How can you tell Morgellons is a bioweapon?
What is filamentation?
Why do bacteria filament?
What is Bactofection and Alternative Gene Therapy?
What gives these fibers their color?
What are genetically coded fluorescent protein?
What is the color code for Morgellons?
What role does E. coli play in Morgellons?
What is bacterial morphological plasticity?
What is an inclusion body?
What particular harmful things are used as inclusion bodies the E. coli expression system?
Why are the animals in Morgellons deniable?
What is a model organism?
What animals have their genomes sequenced?
What is quorum sensing?
What are Cyclodextrins?
How many pathogenic formulas are in a fiber?
How is E. coli used to encrypt messages?
What is ecdysone?
How can you be altered with unnatural amino acids?
Can the cause of Morgellons be found?

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