The Morgellons Worm Museum

How do Morgellons’ victims get worms in their bodies?
A Morgellons worm came out of a clothing size label on a Kawasaki racing jacket made in Korea.
The size tag could have been sewn on the garment at any point or place.
This tag is made of layers of material. One of them is metallic.
This type of construction is used to study individual worms and is called microtiter well plate. Metal used to control the temperature.
The worms start hatching under the microscope light.
Another material was found in a wrist lesion by a victim. He has at least 12 different kinds of worms.
Professionals are needed to identify these. Many have been asked. None have assisted.
Worms are associated with colonies, a colonial vehicle, food, excrement and other byproducts.
Worms procreate in the human body and produce eggs and young.

The following are specimens from other victims.
Hexagons may deliver worms. This hexagon has numbers.
Some worms have hooks and hook onto the next worm and forms chains of worms.

Another victim’s hair has colonies of little glowing worms.
This may be why some people say their hair stings them.
Some worms live in fibers.
A victim woman has worms living in her skin. Her hair is growing in whorls down and around her neck. The worms pull and twist her throat, choking her.
Worms are beneath her skin.
When a worm came out of her neck she felt some relief.
In the center front of her neck, she has some structures which are choking her.
Some worms came out attached to an acupuncture bandaid.
When you see orderly patterns, you know they carry some life form, probably worms.
Another victim has a series showing worms in a fiber ball and associated artifacts.
If two worms were from the same kind, they may cause horrible symptoms.
Another victim has a systematic invasion of worms. A colony.
Fungus has removed the flesh from his nose.
There are many internal injuries such as worms in the lungs, heart and intestines.
Internal colonies of bacteria and worms can deform the flesh.
The structures and animals mentioned in this post are not natural. They are the result of nanobiotechnology, a combination of genetic and synthetic biology.

Morgellons’ victims are fighting for their lives and no one seems to care.
Has freedom ceased and life is worth nothing?
Evolutionists believe our immune systems evolved with worms and bacteria.
When you remove the worms and bacteria from the body, the immune system responds inappropriately.
Worms produce molecules that disable signalling pathways and block immune responses that would kill or expel them.
Our immune systems have evolved to accommodate worms by decreasing its sensitivity to them.
This combination of evolution and medicine led to the development and use of WORM THERAPY.
There are things worth fighting for but this is disgraceful warfare.

Morgellons is a weapon killing good people for no reason.

Why do the nations plot a vain thing?
They will be broken by the hand of God.
They will perish when his wrath is kindled.
[Paraphrased from Psalm 2]

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