Can Morgellons Be Delivered By Cyborg

The Hybrid Insect Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (HI-MEMS) is a project of the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

The HI-MEMS is a part insect, part machine. A micromechanical system is placed inside the insect during early metamorphosis.
The insect’s movement and location are remotely controlled through the implanted microsystem.
The primary application is surveillance and information gathering. Cyborg insects may carry sensors to relay back information gathered from the target destination.
Question: Can a particular person be targeted with Morgellons? If insects can be guided to a particular place, yes.
Electronic payloads are attached to the muscle or neural systems during the early stages of metamorphosis. Tissue grows around the MEMS to form a reliable and stable tissue-machine interface.
HI-MEMS platforms will extend the duration and improve the capability of MICROBIOTIC MISSIONS.
Is the delivery of Morgellons called a Microbiotic Mission?
A cyborg insect may find a specified target located one hundred meters from the insect’s starting point. It may also transmit data from DOD sensors providing information about what it sees.
The control of insect locomotion uses direct electrical muscle excitation, electrical stimulation of neurons, electromechanical stimulation of insect sensory cells and presentation of optical cues with micro-optical visual presentation. Power extraction uses thermo-electric converters, resonant piezoelectric and magnetic generators and nonresonant broadband energy scavengers.
A device was found by a Morgellons victim who has had fungal gnats fly up her nose and bite her inside her nose. These gnats attack her most while sitting at her computer and when she tries to sleep.
Morgellons fungus gnats infect the skin and spread out into the neck area and lay thousands of eggs in the skin. They cause an intensely hot itchy rash which may jumpstart gene therapy.
If the eggs are allowed to stay in the skin, new live gnats emerge from the victim’s skin.
Is this related to the development of choking symptoms later in the disease?
The clear liquid that forms inside sores may contain live animals. When it dries, it forms a yellowish hard crystal.
Sores that is caused by a fungus gnat are very painful. There may be about 50 eggs in each sore.
PRID draws poisons and eggs from the skin with mild rubbing. Alternate with ice rubs.
Eggs can be rubbed out of the skin for days before they are all out.
Wiki says they live in moist soil and do not bite which is wrong in the case of Morgellons.
Morgellons fungus gnats must be hybrid transgenic animals with the genes of other insects.
These insects were designed as weapons and are being used as weapons. They deliver pathogens and precursors for disease.
Since its adoption, the Geneva protocol of 1925 has prevented most nations from using chemical or biological weapons. The use of insects to vector pathogens is also prohibited under the Protocol.
However, terrorists do not bind themselves to such protocols and could possibly employ biological weapons against the world.
Entomological Terrorism- A Tactic in Asymmetrical Warfare.
The gene therapy mentioned earlier may result in a replacement of skin and hair. It can be replaced with synthetic hollow hair containing fungus and live animals.
Fungus in hair, biofilm and escaping animals.
Colony of the tiniest little glow worms.
They light up the ends of fibers.
They also bite causing constant irritation and pain.
Hair can be totally recreated.
Insects deliver gene therapy! [plasticizing effect]

Sciaridea in Amber

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