Gangstalking and the No-Touch Torture.

Gangstalking Another word for the CIA Program of In-Community No-Touch Torture.
Please read “National Clandestine Service” (Wiki).
These are your Gangstalkers, trained by the CIA. Make a request for a copy of their Training Manual. They have standard procedures.
Based on the false terror of 9-11 MASSACRE, Laws were passed by Congress that allows the practice of gangstalking and radiation injury.
At work behind the 9-11 MASSACRE are the STRAUSSIAN POLITICS of the New Worl Order.
The most important thing about gangstalking and radiation harassment is that it is run and funded by the government, the same as the 9-11 MASSACRE.
Based on a lie, in 2004, George W. Bush ordered intelligence and law enforcement agencies to increase their human intelligence (HUMINT).
The bill that Congress passed approved lowering standards or hiring to include assassins from countries where human rights violations standards are low.
The result was the hiring of 15,000 informers and torturers with no conscience morality or liability.
These assassins are gassing and radiating people in their sleep, house by house, instead of using mass death rooms like Auschwitz.
How do the people who sit outside your windows, on your roof, in crawl spaces live? Do they get paid to perform radiation stalking night and day?
Yes, they are highly trained and paid to assassinate you.
Bob Levin, an FBI whistleblower and a targeted individual (TI) says the word gangstalking was designed to remove responsibility from government to a group of people performing elaborate surveillance.
Other people took the blame for the 9-11 MASSACRE as well.
Ex-FBI Agent: ‘Gangstalking’ Term Self-Harm for Government No-Touch Torture Eugenics. Deborah Dupre, Human Rights Examiner February 23, 2011.

CIA Torture TRaining Using the “Torture Matrix”
1. Causing self-Inflected Harm
2. Sensory Disorientation
3. Attacking Individual fears
4. Attacking Cultural Identity

How do you create self-harm?
This is a twisted description of real suffering.
By re-identifying yourself as a delusional victim of persecutors even though they are real.
How does a nation change its identity?
The 9-11 MASSACRE changed the identity of the nation by creating an atmosphere of TERROR.

The No-Touch Torture program conducts extended surveillance on individuals and tortures them until they are dead (Overkill).
This requires a gang mentality involving retaliation, reputation, loyalty and “respect”.

What does the In-Community No-Touch Torture do?
It neutralizes or kills people who have done little or nothing but may oppose illegal government activities.
It tortures and kills people who see the police and firemen making and dealing drugs, stealing vehicles and smuggling weapons.
Drugs are now legal for police and fire departments. However, they still prosecute drug dealers, not in their gang, creating a monopoly on the drug trade.
Watch your police department at night. Some make meth in the firehouses.
They use city resources, fire engines and ambulances to deliver drugs.
Stealing vehicles and shipping stolen American cars overseas is also now legal for police and firemen.
Look for your stolen car performing disappearing tricks on the NAFTA highway.

No-Touch Torture uses radiation weapons to deteriorate the victim’s physical health and damage them psychologically. If a victim relocates, they are tortured in their new homes.

Read “Morgellons Definitive Cure Post” For A Very Helpful Information On How You Can Recover From Morgellons.

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