The Morgellons Warhead
Life has changed and people are being inoculated with synthetic materials that block chemical neuronal signals which enable them to feel and think.
Life is hard to describe and harder to categorize.
Classifications keep changing.
In this post, we will use the 3 Domains (Woese 1990), and 6 Kingdoms.

DNA is what identifies each life form.
Life has ways to make sure that replications of proteins occur correctly. Proteins are made of amino acids and they are encoded to assemble by instructions in DNA.
Proteins carry out all of life’s complex processes, from photosynthesis to signal transduction and the immune response. [Morgellons hexagonal blood?]
There are 20 natural amino acids which are used to build proteins.
20 Amino Acids Limit Animal Structure, but by adding artificial amino acids, cell functions can be controlled artificially, and the combinations are endless.
Compromising the separations between life forms would allow you to create a very powerful weapon. [amyloid fibers created from Saccharaomyces].
Instead of having DNA define, criminals have hybridized DNA across kingdoms so that plants, animals, fungi, archaea and bacteria can be controlled inside humans. [E. coli genes]
Life has changed!
The separation between various life forms has been compromised with an expanded genetic code. Unnatural amino acids have been placed in people.
What does this mean?
It means Genetically Encoded Chemical Warheads can secretly send life form all kingdoms into The Human Host.
It means that bacteria, archaea, fungus, animals and plants can be incubated in the human body.
Morgellons victims give birth to these life forms in their skin.

Medical “enhancement” objectives are being advanced by altering human biology so that nanotechnology inside you can be detected with machines.
The secret elite is protected by prophylactics (genome condom) and secure survival retreats.
[fiber flies, bites and bleeds]
The elitists think the “Hive Mind” is necessary to sustain the conditional ideal, self-regulating society which isolates anyone “different” in order to maintain the health and safety of the collective.
Networked soldiers of the “Hive Mind” will be ready to respond to any “Destabilizing” challenge in a global or domestic capacity. Insubordination will no longer be an option.
This will describe how life is categorized so you can see that expanding the genetic code is not needed by nature. It is needed by man for total biological control of the population.

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