Human Protein Toxins

The Warhead
Protein toxins are able to incapacitate or kill a human at remarkably low doses. They interfere with cellular metabolism and inhibit protein synthesis or block the release of chemical messenger with an enzyme.
Some Protein “superantigens” disrupt the intercellular signals that regulate the immune system. These block the responses that protect you from bacteria.
The Evolution of Proteins With Genetically Encoded “Chemical Warhead” Liu, Mack, Brusted, Mills, Groff, Snider, Schultz
Dept of Chemistry, Skagg Inst. The Scripps Research Institute La Jolla, CA 92037 7-22-2009
“A synthetic genetic code confers a selective advantage by increasing the number of functional groups available to evolution.”
That means more places in the DNA to attach amino acid constructions. They used Boro-X-E. Coli.
Using the amber stop codon, UAG, Schultz’s team added the new amino acid O-methyl-tyrosine to the genetic code of E. coli.
They did an unnatural amino acid mutagenesis of the entire E. coli genome to make a SUPER E. COLI.
These structures are called “chemical warheads” because they are toxic to the alleles in your genome.
The “warheads” can be sent with extreme precision to a particular kind of cell and to an exact component of the cell.
You can be attached anytime you breathe or eat and neither the perpetrator nor the release is apparent. Modern warfare is based on the concept of stealth and deniability.
Another First Worst:
“Germany Confirms Source Of E. Coli Outbreak”
By Audrey Kauffmann, 6-11-2011
3,000 are ill and 33 have died.
Vegetables are now outlawed in the 27-nation EU bloc?
Different sources say the deadly E. coli is the O104: H4 strain has drug immunity and may contain the deadly TEM-1, CTX-M-15, OXA-1 & DNA from the plague. It causes Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome (HUS).
These deadly DNA fragments encode Aminoglycosides which are molecules composed of amino-modified sugars. Glycopeptides bind to amino acids. Glycans bound to protein affect fertilization, the immune & endocrine systems.
Multiple agents could walk through a grocery store injecting or spraying vegetables with toxins.
E. coli does not grow in vegetables. One can only assume criminals put it in the food supply to terrorize & kill civilians. This also provides an excuse for the authorities to shut down small farms & control the food supply.

Lab-synthesized chemicals are most infective through the respiratory tract via polymers, powders, liposomes, and other bioencapsulation methods. Insect bites can also transmit synthetic proteins.
“Stealth Liposomes: Review Of The Basic Science, Rational, And Clinical Applications, Existing and Potential” Immordino, Dosio, Cattel Int’l Journal Nanomedicine 2006
Long-circulating liposomes use synthetic polymer poly-(ethylene glycol) (PEG). The presence of PEG on the surface of the liposomes carrier extends blood-circulation time. The focus is on stealth technology.
Attachments to the liposome trick your cells into letting them in.
Once the liposome and the cell are stuck together, the cell allows the contents of the liposome to enter the cell’s interior. This method can deliver gene changing proteins to your cells.

Time release technology may allow for releasing various parts of Morgellons at pre-regulated times. This may account for Morgellons symptoms changing over time.

What is a cell-penetrating peptide (“CPP”)?
Cell-penetrating peptides are used to coat viral envelopes and liposomes.
Cell-penetrating peptides deliver and facilitate cellular uptake of molecular cargo. Their amino acid composition is positively (+) charged.
Direct Cell penetration enables vectors to deliver plasmids, proteins, contrast agents and quantum dots. Cell-penetrating proteins open up cells so these materials can illuminate or change your DNA.
Genome changing warheads target cells, including sites in the brain that form opinions, religious beliefs, feelings and thoughts, to execute mind control, dumbing down and thought suppression.
“Brand Fanaticism Lights Up the Same Part of Brain as Religious Fanaticism” -Curt Hopkins
Thoughts of God can be turned into product brand loyalty, with their promise of salvation and relevance.

Read “Morgellons Definitive Cure Post” For A Very Helpful Information On How You Can Recover From Morgellons.

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