Morgellons & Smart Dust Infect Individuals to be Tracked via Satellite

Bases 46 Excerpt Miles Johnston Interviews Harald Kautz Vella

If you looked at Morgellons fibers you will see there are a little bit more complex than a simple fungus, they have kind of organs inside, they have little red stem cells of an unknown species that are self-replicating as well, and apparently, they produce other structure, this looks like a sporing body, it’s like the unit where the Mesilla at a certain point is forming a mushroom a fruiting body and then from the fruiting body you would expect the spores for the next generation if this is a mushroom and this is a fungus, so this seems to be the containment for the spores, because if you put this into the petri dish you can see the next generation growing and other things you find now. It’s getting fringe, fragments of insect’s skin being extracted from Morgellons victims. So something from this disease is making insect parts or insects grow within the human body.

Smart Dust

In the last Iraq war (at the time of George Bush), the war was done for the purpose of testing this technology, they sprayed the Iraqi army, they utilized microwave weapons that gave them the feeling that the skin burns, this was in the public media or the free media, however, this wasn’t because the microwave weapon had the intensity to make it burn, it was because the RNA was triggered to create the sensation of burning, so this had a kind of agent within the bodies of the Iraqi army. The test had other aspects of it, like the psychotronic weapons making them give up, making them fall in love with the American soldiers, and a long list of other psychotronic functions where you can make people sick, make them die of cancer after one year, make them die in six minutes and you can make them die in six seconds if you want to.
They spent 10 billion US and took half a year I think to optimize the cluster topology, it will sound like a science fiction if you said it like this, but if you really think about it, if it was only about infecting humans within a virus, like a synthetic RNA, then you could give a damn about cluster topology. Cluster topology starts to become an interesting topic if this RNA cluster is supposed to carry a soul or an RNA of artificial intelligence.
The first time I had an input and the idea of how do they turn people into bio-robots; You have the RNA cluster sprayed in the air with a defined distance from RNA to RNA and within the human body the same RNA cluster is prolonged within the cells, and now whatever is carried by these clusters whether they are artificial intelligence, a program or a soul, whatever this is, it can travel from the dust into the human being and this is what they call “the smart dust”, and now, this is all kind of grabbed theory. If you take Morgellons topic you will find it described as a transhumanistic technology to extract the light from the human body, turn it into a radio signal to read out what happens within the human body and an opposite way to insert a radio frequency to that human to make him feel whatever you want to make him feel.
The Russians did understand the consequences of spraying the military compounds and which would have meant losing the harvest and falling under Monsanto, and they decided to stop spraying.
The NSA realized I guess that the CAA is a black magic unit. The NSA or at least parts of it is still into the human interests, so they shut down evergreen international and the CIA spraying airline. The NSA has one option and it is cutting the money flow; If the CIA wants the Congress to send troops to Iran to start WW3 and they are blackmailing members of the Congress, sending millions to them to vote for their interests, the NSA is blocking the money flow, this is the only option they actually have if they don’t want to enter this war.

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  1. Thank you. I’m suffering with this, and it was done purposely. Its a gruesome, tiresome battle… If you haven’t heard Billy Hayes, known as The HAARP Man, he whistleblowing is directly related to Morgellons and targeting

    ~ Full Interview –

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